Structured Settlement: How To Pay Bills, Go Back To School After A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Many times, regardless of how obsessively we plan for the day ahead, unforeseen circumstances dramatically come in the way. Although there are a few who have somehow set aside for the difficult times following a personal injury lawsuit, no one is fully prepared for injuries and the events that may come after. Structured settlements to some are a breather, but to many, it is nothing but a set of a brand new challenge.

Linda, since childhood, was determined to attend college to become the very first member of the family to get a degree. While her mother Beth was in full support of her dreams, she fell ill during her senior year and died shortly after. Unable to fully attend to her mother Beth while she was ill, Linda realized that the only way to make it up to her is to become the best nurse she could be.

On her sophomore year in college, a car hit her while on her way to a nursing home where she was working as an aide. The incident injured her, made her stop working and attending school, and piled up bills that she did not know how to deal with.

The defendant’s insurance company, however, agreed to pay structured settlement that spanned years. To her dismay, she realized she could not cover her debts with the settlement.

Structured Settlement: How Bad It Can Be?

The structured settlement assured Linda of a monthly stream of income for many years. However, the debts she has incurred due to the personal injury lawsuit, not to mention, her drive to continue her Nursing program may take precedence over the compensation which may also come at a date later than when the money is perfectly needed.

Sell Structured Settlement: 3 Important Considerations To Make

Linda was determined to explore what financing options she had. Learning from a friend, she sought professional help for the possibility of selling structured settlement in exchange for a lump sum cash. In her attempt of perfecting the whole selling process, Linda also talked with those who have sold their annuities.

According to them, getting cash for her structured settlements will completely change her financial outlook.

Why will you sell?

Linda’s decision to sell structured settlement has to be backed up by an extremely heavy and important reason. Money is the greatest temptation and rationalizing her need for a lump sum may be too easy to make. The structured settlement is a concrete representation of a steady income for many years ahead; hence, selling it was a huge decision to make.

Do you think you can manage future finances?

The structured settlement will give Linda the peace of mind that cash will come regularly to cover her bills’ payment. While selling the structured settlement is just like getting a quick boost in the available funds, Linda was also aware that her future needs may also be affected. To avoid the scenario, she made a long-term budget plan. She knew that with a tool like this, she will be able to better manage the money both for immediate and future needs.

Do you know your rights?

Linda was aware that receiving a lump sum for selling structured settlements made her exempted from filing income taxes. She also learned that a court approval was needed for the structured settlement sales in compliance with the Federal Law. Gathering all of the needed requirements for the process was the only way she saw as the most empowering thing to do towards receiving her lump sum.

Structured Settlement Companies: Customer Service & Experience Are Critical

To sell structured settlement was the only way to be back on her feet again. Linda decided to spend the lump sum payment to cover her debts; however, which structured settlement company should she work with?

According to, selecting a trustworthy structured settlement buyer representative is, by far, the most critical step in making sure that she will receive cash without the unnecessary complications in agreements that a number of companies subject their clients into. Stone Street Capital, Peachtree Financial Solutions, and Olive Branch Funding were amongst her top choices because they had great offers. However, Linda, in the end, did not make a mistake when she decided to work with a buyer company that made pleasant customer service a priority with years of structured settlement buying experience.

For Linda, selling her structured settlement is a huge turning point. Her lump sum payment was more than enough to cover her bills and go back to the Nursing program.